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A few weeks ago a quick visit posting flyers for the Knitting and Crochet Circle brought me into our local wool shop up the road in Beaumont – Stitch.  Frances and Teresa have a lovely shop and are great at giving advice and tips. It makes a real difference buying wool from knitters and I honestly reckon you save a fortune and much heartache when you talk to people who know what they are at.  The girls have a lovely selection and I love their range of Rico wools.  I’ve spent the winter making hats for the kids and their friends with the lovely Rico Design Big Super Aran which comes in a 400g ball for only €12.50. It’s super soft but machine washable so perfect for hats and cardis.

I’m about to start a little cardi for my daughter and have a stack of 2-3y summer things to make for her, so ahead of all that I was looking for a few nice and handy pieces to make over a few busy weeks while all the Knitting and Crochet Circle organising went on. I picked up three beautiful balls  of Rico Creative Big Moment – two in blue-greys, and a really nice purple-pink-brown one, and got stuck in!

The first scarf I’ve finished is a beautiful and really simple and is a pressie for my Mum.  There was one made up in Stitch and the girls mailed me the scarf (below as a jpeg).  The pattern for this is really simple so it was handy to bring along to the Knitting Circle without fear of losing my place in the pattern while chatting!

Using 8mm needles, cast on 48 stitches.  Then knit 6 rows in plain stitch.  On the 7th you do a drop stitch as follows: for the first stitch knit a normal plain stitch but wrap the wool around the needle twice rather than once; for all other stitches do the same but with three ‘wrap arounds’.  Finish the row across and then on the next row you just do a normal plain stitch but only into the first ‘wrapover’ and then as you finish you pull the other two loops off the needle. I was a little confused if it was going to rip so just double checked this tutorial on You Tube which is pretty clear.

You can use the whole ball for a really long, chunky scarf but as my Mum is tiny and doesn’t want to disappear into a large scarf I finished when it measured c.2m.  It worked up really fast – say in about 4 evenings with a cheeky bit of knitting done at a work training day!

My Mum better claim this one quickly or it’s mine!

Original pattern, emailed from Stitch:

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  1. Thanks for this great page…you made it so clear with your piccies and links! Can’t wait to get started!

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