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Let’s be honest – no more than anyone else, I’ve a tendency to rant and give out when things are pants but am maybe a little less likely to take a second to talk about nice things. That said I do love the idea of a good recommendation.  So, with that in mind, here’s a nice Irish business that I think deserves a mention.
Made in Cork, Bia Beauty is a small Irish company specialising in natural beauty products that you can order via a lovely website. These came my way thanks to my lovely godson and his sister – perhaps with some help from their Mummy, gave me a beautiful pressie at Christmas.
The gift-set my monkeys gave me was the Feed Your Face set.  Beautifully packaged, it contained three items: an Orange and Grapefruit exfoliant and cleanser, Mellow Mandarin Mousturiser, and a Lime Pie Lip Balm. I’ve the kind of skin that can be dry and yet prone to break out so it’s heard to find products that suit but these were great. I’m no expert but I can say: the cleanser was beautiful and really gentle, the moisturiser was really quickly absorbed, non-greasy and smelt divine, and the Lime balm is gorgeous. The packaging was really nicely done – a funky tin for the balm, and glass jars with screw off lids for the other items; and it all came in a nice brown paper box tied up with a ribbon. Unlike some other giftsets where the tubs are tiny and more closely resemble sample packs these are a good size.
So next time you’re looking for a pressie or a treat, maybe look Bia Beauty up.
So, did anyone else got a nice Irish product worth mentioning? Like I say I’m partial to a recommendation….
P.S. I emailed Tracey from Bia Beauty to check she was ok with mementioning her products- which happily she was, but this article is not sponsored by the company in any way. Her stuff is just lovely and worth chatting about.

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2 thoughts on “Bia Beauty: Good Enough to Eat!

  1. I’m a huge fan of Bia Beauty too.Have bought both online and from stockists& have never been disappointed with the products. Honestly they smell good enough to eat&are incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin. The fact that the company is Irish is an important factor for me&they represent good value for money.

  2. That sums it all up very neatly Lorraine! I think we all have a hankering back to the days of ‘Buy Irish’ and it’s so great when that’s matched by high quality and lovely presentation.

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