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There’s a crazy little shop down the road that sells nothing but eggs. It’s around the corner from my husband’s old school (of many, many years ago) and he calls it, for some unknown reason, Eddie’s egg shop. I really don’t know why he calls it that – nor does the nice lady Mary who works there. But I digress…. we love eggs. Every day we have eggs for breakfast – most often as a frittata, and cheesy scrambled eggs are a favourite teatime for the kids.  At weekends its normally pancakes, baked eggs or – a personal favourite, poached eggs with a runny yoke!

I read a recipe for freezeable egg based ‘muffins’ years ago in a low-carb cook book but – given those were the days of skipping breakfast in favour of a few more minutes in bed – i.e. pre-kids, I don’t think I ever made them before.


I knocked up a batch this week and they were great. All you do preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and mix eggs in a jug with some cream (or a table spoon of creme fraiche and a dash of milk if, like me, you have no cream first thing on a Sunday morning), add a handful of grated cheese (I just used medium cheddar) and season with salt and pepper.  Rub a small amount of vegetable / olive oil inside each bun / muffin cup. Individually roll the slices of bacon (eh, the rashers) around the inside of each cup, pressing the bacon so it ‘stiks’ to the tray.  Pour the egg mixture in, filling each ‘cup’ 3/4 of the way up.   In total I used 5 eggs and 9 rashers.

Cook for about 30 minutes, remove and allow to cool for a minute before scooping out. Devour and enjoy!


Note: this photo really doesn’t do these tasties any justice!

P.S. We were victims of our own success. I made 9. We (i.e. the adults) ended up with 2 each. Apparently the kids are loving these. Humm….

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7 thoughts on “Bacon and Eggs

    1. Oh do. They’re so easy and tasty – but then again, if your hounds are like mine, you might not get any so you may never know that!!

    1. Honestly delish Louise – and experiencing quite the revival thanks to Office Mum making them last weekend!! I’ve made a batch with mixed spinach through the egg and they were delish – and had the extra advantage of being branded as’disgusting’ by the kids leaving more for us!!

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