6th September 2013 Helen 0Comment

This is the last year that ours is a house of pre-schoolers.  For this year our challenge will be getting the wee man out to montessori for five days a week and we’ll leave it to next year to tackle big school. Herself, is a bit startled by this change and isn’t at all sure why her big brother is, for the first time really, doing stuff without her.  Doubtless, she’ll adapt quickly and have the run of the house, and her parents, on the mornings that he’s gone.

After a little August break, the Fairview / Marino Crochet and Knitting Group, is back again! We’ll be meeting at 8pm, this coming Wednesday (11th) at St. Joseph’s Primary School in Fairview.  There’s the usual promise of cakes and crafts and all are welcome!

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