10th September 2014 Helen 0Comment

Since the Summer break I’ve been very laxadaisical about posting my crafty creations – partly because I’ve been busily distracted and partly as I’ve been up to my usual tricks or starting about 10 things and not finishing them.  It’s timely so that this evening our local community crafting group – the Marino Fairview Knitting and Crochet Group kicks off again.  The girls are great fun and it’s good encouragement to finish off a few things to show off at our next meet up!Knitting Circle Sept 14

From this month on we’re meeting twice a month – now the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. This way we should all gain a few extra pounds from the cakes to keep us warm over Winter,as well as a few extra skills from each other!  We’re also starting on working in smaller groups to learn skills ranging from beginners knitting and crochet to fairisle stranding and sock making.

I’m a bit disorganised this month posting updates of the meeting, not least because at any one time one of my children exhibits ass-holish traits.  (I’ve decided making up my own curse word for them is way more endearing that relying on the old standard curses)  But at least my priorities are firmly in place and the cakes and biscuits are cooling for later! Thank **** for that!

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