4th October 2012 Helen 0Comment

Our little buddy Anna just turned one.  I made her a fabulous pink birthday tutu (see earlier post here for a really easy no-sewing tutu ‘pattern’) and detailed two little plain T-Shirts for her.

I just used plain white and blue organic cotton long sleeved tops from H&M which I’ve found have lasted really well with my two monsters. I made a simple tree on the white one with layers of fabric and a felt ‘trunk’. I used bondaweb on the backing so the edges shouldn’t fray.  I used a variety of stitches just to add some texture to the edges.

The other T-Shirt was a light blue – turquoise. I’ve been loving my little flower stamping that I used on my earlier card making (here) as I think it’s so simple and bold.  I just stamped a row of flowers and stalks using versacraft ink and gave it a quick iron. It so cute and I know the gorgeous birthday girl will wear it well!

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