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So an update – our new baby is here! We are now a fivesome. A crowd. A loud and (hopefully) happy mob.

My newest little boy arrived bang on his due date amidst some drama. A natural acrobat he spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy flipping every which way but down. Eventually he decided enough was enough and, just in time, he saved me a c-section and flew out in record breaking time. That said the wee fella then had some problems and broke his mama’s heart by spending nine long days away from me in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Wow! It was awful. Not having him with me was pure hell. Establishing breastfeeding with a pump was all sorts of challenging. And being discharged home without him was crushing. An absolute nightmare all in, but in the middle of such awfulness we were surrounded by every sort of kindness and good will for which we are so very grateful. Good friends listened to me sobbing, dropped dinners by and volunteered to take the other two, while many sent little texts and messages to let them know they were thinking of us.  Grannies and Grandas bailed us out on kiddy minding and everyone rooted for the little man to come home soon.

Little sparkles of sunshine even made me smile.  The arrival of the wee fella’s first teddy – in fact a Dinosaur, called Deano (imaginative?!) was a nice reminder that normality was just around the corner.  On his fifth day I unexpectedly got to change the wee man’s nappy and even give him a quick feed.  Half of my Marino Knitting Group were at pains to tell me their upbeat NICU stories and reassure me that the wee man would be home soon.  And the very lovely Patricia Conesa from the beautifully funky Colorine’s Wonderful – one of my amazingly supportive Irish Parenting Bloggers friends, sent me this very cute and colourful little rhyme and picture, which had me laughing, crying and really really wishing I could source some blackmarket gin on the hospital corridors!

Helen, May there be a bounty of maternity pads where you are
May the pain in your lady bits subside,
May your milk flow freely, 
And the gin go down nicely,
And if all else fails, 
May the Diphene make things shine in pretty colours
But above all, may your baby soon be by your side!

So we got through our rough start – it was a learning experience and one I’m glad to put behind me.  Having spent a week demanding the return of their brother (who may as well have been kidnapped by pirates according to the dramatic pronouncements of the 4 year old) my two older kiddos are delighted to have their baby home – but disappointed he has been so slow to learn how to do … anything!

I’ve spent about a week lounging, sleeping and snuggling my bubby and making up for time lost from those early days – while repairing my sore and tired body from the drama of my delivery. We have bountiful supplies of milk and the wee fella (not me) is sporting a lovely double chin that’s an advertisement for my battle for pump parts and help.

So, all is good and this weekend’s Mother’s Day will be extra special and happily busy with the mania of five. Just how I wished!

For all you mama’s out there, have a really lovely day.


Ps. For some more of Patricia’s beautiful work check out her lovely blog and shop here or go to www.colorineswonderful.com.

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    1. Thanks Karen. I resisted the urge to put him under my coat and bring him home anyways (apparently not great parenting!) but it’s great to be home at last x

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