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I love Autumn. Maybe because it involves exposing much less flesh than Summer, maybe because there’s less sweatiness or maybe just because a fine day seems like a great excuse for a picnic, but I love it. And this year I love it the most.

Our changes are over, they are done. I’ve been too busy living the reality to blog about it, but we’ve been through a massive amount of flux and now we’re done.

We’ve move twice since the beginning of the year but are happily ensconced in our much-loved new home. It’s an old pile of Victorian messiness that I still walk into and can’t believe it’s ours.  It’s lovely and it feels like home. It feels like we’ll be picking the fruit from the trees for a long time, like the new friends ‘on the road’ will be teenage accomplices, like we’re here for good.   It’s the kind of house that stays unfinished for years to come but that’s ok because it’s home (or at least that’s what I tell myself)

The kids have started new everythings. The changes went shockingly well.  Spidey has moved to a small school with no uniform and discovered a shockingly stylish part of himself.  Yoda is winning awards as the best ‘cleaner upper’ in her new Monti – a turn up for the books from a girl who can’t pick up her own socks;  and Woodie is a ‘creche-angel, house-devil’ i.e. completely normal 18-month old dictator.   I’m sure I should write a post ‘Ten ways to make changing school / monti / creche’ easy but I have no wisdom to offer bar – talk before, talk during and talk after and drink all the wine. Somehow it all works out.

Amidst the hassle of moving three kids, we’ve had to adjust to one little person being unwell and needing extra minding. It’s been hard and a timely reminder of what matters (and what doesn’t) but six months on and we’re all good.

I’m glad the changes are over. They’re hard and tiring and distracting.  No matter how organised you are (and you know I am) it’s unsettling to not know where you’ll be and when.  It’s all utterly necessary of course, but there’s only so much change I can handle – and I reckon I’ve reached my limit.  Now I intend to revert to the really important stuff – making, baking and wine.

Happy days.

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17 thoughts on “All Change

    1. Thanks N – yes madness has subsided and now it’s just the normal everyday madness I’ve to content with! But after all that it seems quite manageable! x

    1. Thanks E. It’s funny how it dawns on you that it’s all done. Of course the house is in complete sh!te but who’s looking!!

    1. Thanks E. We’ll have to set up a really annoying Pinterest board where we post the projects we’ll NEVER have the time to start OR finish!

  1. Now I want wine.

    No, but seriously. You’re amazing to have made it to this point with your sanity (mostly?) intact, and you definitely deserve to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Enjoy your lovely home.

    1. Have wine.
      And thank you! I mostly feel slightly mad but at least I now technically know where my underwear is!!

    1. Thanks J. A bit like pulling out a massive splinter it was one long-short, sharp, shock but I’m glad we did it. Now we’re in of course we’ve barely lifted a paintbrush and I can suddenly see the appeal in unpainted bare plastered walls!

    1. Oh S, I feel your pain. It was long and drawn out but I will say – totally worth it in the end. Fingers crossed you won’t be in the bloody limbo for long

  2. Ah Helen, it sounds like you are well settled in, mentally at least. There is nothing like the feeling of being somewhere to stay and seeing your future there in a really positive way.
    House project number one should be arranging a a wine rack and a comfy chair in such a way that your view is of the least messy corner or an open fire.

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