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A review and giveaway sponsored by Alflorex PrecisionBiotics.

Alflorex Winter Health Kit Nov 2014

I don’t really give my tummy too much thought. My belly on the other hand, is another story.  I can eat pretty much what I want, and I don’t suffer upsets or discomfort.  Even when pregnant, I never really suffered from heartburn or other stomach complaints that plague so many expectant women.  The story changed a bit after I had my babies though.  Like all new mums I had that terror of the first proper trip to the loo (you know what I mean ladies), and had a few weeks of popping those glamorous chalky suppositories to tend to the other fruits of my labours –  hemorrhoids. Delightful.

Happily – or more like unhappily, in the area of digestive health I am not alone. Alimentary Health, a company who have developed the new Alflorex PrecisionBiotics products, commissioned a study as part of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Awareness Month earlier this year and it threw out a number of quite surprising facts:

  • 75% of women won’t talk about digestive problems due to embarrassment
  • 33% of women suffer from on-going abdominal pain and / or spasms
  • the younger cohort aged 18-34 suffers most from digestive problems
  • three-quarters of women say that digestive problems affect their self-confidence
  • 23% of women have missed out on a big event as a result of digestive problems.

As someone who’s digestive woes were short-lived, I was honestly surprised at the prevalence of the problem, and the fact that people are shy to talk about about them. That said, I can remember the pain and discomfort of those few weeks, and really feel for the 10 to 15% of the population estimated to suffer from IBS, many of whom go undiagnosed and untreated.

For my own part, I know managing my stress levels and avoiding dehydration play a big part in ‘keeping things ticking over’.  I’ve also used probiotics to boost my system after courses of antibiotics or just after a run of cold or bugs, or say when I have a flare up of acne.  A few months ago I got the chance to try out a month long course of Alflorex – a new PrecisionBiotic which uses Bifidobacterium infantic 35624 to support the bacterial balance of the gut.  The culture has shown great results in maintaining digestive health reducing abdominal discomfort, passage of gas and bloating / distension.   I can personally say – as someone who really never thought she needed to use a supplement, I found it very effective at eliminating any discomfort in my tummy and making me more at ease.

So why have I made you listen to talk about bums and tums? Well, just as we hit the season of over-indulgence and stress Alflorex have launched a Winter Health Kit to support better digestive health.   The Kit contains three-months supply of the Alflorex capsules, organic Pukka teas, organic prunes, organic porridge oats, Panda Liquorice bars and a mini hot water bottle. And I have one of these fabulous intestinal treats to ease you into a detoxed new year! To enter, fill in the details below and I’ll select a name at random on Saturday 29 November.  The kit will be sent to the winner direct by the sponsor.

Alflorex is available over the counter in pharmacies with one month’s supply for €32.95

 I was provided with a month long course of the Alflorex supplement for free, and invited to post this giveaway.  All opinions as stated are my own.

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7 thoughts on “The Alflorex Winter Health Kit giveaway (sponsored by Alflorex PrecisionBiotics)

  1. I’ve recently started eating lentils and pulses and although they are great for bulking out meat dishes they do take your tummy a while to get used to! This would be a great help

    1. Oh i agree Sandra! There can be fireworks with the pulses alright! I can safely say the Alflorex has a mych more gentle effect!! Best of luck in the competition!

  2. i would love to win and try these products due Inflammatory bowel disease, Ulcerative Colitis my colon perforated, After three major surgeries I now have a J pouch that acts as a colon, I feel my digestive system would really benefit if I won. Please & Thank you

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