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Last year a friend posted a lovely invite on Facebook to become involved in a Craft Swap where – at some point that year, you’d send something handmade to any friend who volunteered to do the same to one of their friends, and so on.  I pushed my dates slightly into 2014 (usual excuses apply) but have at last gotten around to nearly finishing my treats for my three friends, and now to posting them.

One of my very good friends has just moved into a new super stylish house – and her freshly painted walls and immaculate carpets are to be envied! With five young kids between us we’ve missed our boozy catch ups in recent years and substituted them for tea, kids and play-dates! We’re surviving this ‘dry period’ in life though and I knew that if ever there was a Kerry girl who’d appreciates a pretty hand made tea-related gift, it’s her.

This is the lovely rose-bud tea cosy I made – and handing it over was hard! I’m married to one of those terribly practical environmentally friendly men (read ‘his family are from Cavan’) who believes cultivated flowers to be a crime-against-the-planet, so to me pretty flowers are a tonic.

Being ‘a bit’ of an over-thinker, I’d been nervous about making a cosy that wouldn’t fit her teapot – and every time I’d try to ‘do a rekkie’ in her house I’d been distracted by one child or another! So it was easier and nicer to buy her a new pot and do the cosy to match and fit. That makes me sound like a control freak – the look I was aiming for was ‘thoughful’.

The body of the cosy worked up in about 3 hours. I used two strands of Chunky Weight Wool by Hayfield and a 5mm hook for the body and made the shape up as I went – using the same technique as I did for my own Rosie Tea Cosie, which meant it was a perfect fit. (I explained the method on that post so nip over if you want to have a look).

The flowers and leaves were more time consuming.  They were made using three shades of left over, sumptuous Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I had left from the odyssey that was the Roses and Daisies blanket.

For the flowers I used a 4mm hook and followed a really simply ‘rolled flower pattern’. You are basically creating a line of petals of increasing size which you then roll into a flower shape and secure with a number of hidden stitches.  Directions are as follows [note: uses UK terminology]:

– Make 48 chain,

– Petals 1 to 3: miss 3ch, 1tr into each of the next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch, *3ch, 1tr into each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss into next ch; repeat from * once more (makes 3 petals),

– Petals 4 to 6: * 4ch, 1dtr into each of the next 4ch, 3ch, ss in next ch, repeat from * twice more (makes 3 petals),

– Petals 7 to 9: * 4ch, 1dtr into each of the next 6ch, 3ch, ss in next ch, repeat from * twice more (makes 3 petals).

Fasten off.

To roll, place the line of petals flat and, starting with the smaller petals, roll the petals while keeping the chain edge flat.  Stitch in place at the base as you roll.

I did the leaves using a lovely and simply tutorial from the great Attic 24 site and they were really fast.

Perfect for this lovely tea drinker.

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  1. I completely agree, you can never have too many tea cosies! This is absolutely gorgeous, love the roses. Actually have to make a new one for ourselves…

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