23rd December 2012 Helen 0Comment

When we were children we used to always take a sneaky peak at our gifts when they were under the tree. It’s hardly the stuff of espionage but it was very exciting shaking and guessing what was inside – followed by maybe a little ripping at a corner (or perhaps wholesale cutting!) and re-taping it before getting caught!

So in keeping with my little tradition of dishonesty here’s a little peak at some of the gifts that are under the tree….

From the top left: a beautiful Amy Butler fabric crochet hook roll with a full set of 16 bamboo hooks for my very nice Mother-in-Law; a cute cotton tunic for a little friend with a matching fleece scarf with applique circles; crochet cotton facecloths for the Grannies, Aunties and Godmothers; and another little scarf with buttons for our little friend Anna. Details of these little projects followbut maybe I should give out the pressies yet!

And now the couch is calling, so merry christmas everyone and here’s to a fantastic 2013!

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