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With Valentine’s just ahead I’m delighted to have gotten one marriage proposal to start the week off well.  Admittedly I won’t be marrying my 3 year old son any time soon, but it is nice to be asked!  There would normally be no chance of me doing any Valentine’s decorations but these really lovely felt Valentine’s garlands caught my eye a while back and will smartly double as decorations for around the hall for our Craft Circle on Wednesday!

I have stacks of arcrylic felt which I bought on Ebay a few years back. The synthetic stuff is no way as nice as real wool felt but its great for the kids crafts and for little decorations.  The added bonus is it is made from waste plastic, so there’s a warm and fuzzy feeling for a little recycling effort too!

The instructions for making these up couldn’t be simpler.  I found the original tutorial posted in Japanese (I think) via Pinterest.  There are no written instructions but it was really clearly photographed so easy to follow.  I’d say the original used thicker better quality felt sheets than as they look thicker I reckon. Also, I’d suggest the photographer for than one wasn’t standing on a chair fending off  a pair of “helpful” toddlers!

My felt sheets were approximately A4 size, so I just placed two together (matt sides facing) and pinned them as shown.  The I cut the sandwiched sheets into three long pices, approximately 7cm wide, cutting lengthwise.  Simply, you then sew a single seam along one edge, remove the pins, ‘flip’ the material around, pin and sew a second seam. Voila, a long sausage of love hearts (sounds dodgy).  Then I just cut each length up tomake about 9 hearts each.

My finished garlands then just took threading a sequence of hearts and small felt balls onto a thread c. 1.5m long.  Little knots at either end prevent it from unravelling.

I went a bit mad and did an enormous stack of hearts and also mixed up the colours a bit. I say a bit but looking into the bag makes me slightly nauseous so maybe I went too far!! They are cute though and nice and fast to make up.

Whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s enjoy!

Now, with just 4 more sleeps til this little Craft Circle, I’m off to post notices and invites everywhere I can!

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13 thoughts on “A felt Valentine’s Garland

  1. The hearts look lovely! I love your marriage proposal – reminds me of my youngest (now nearly 20) coming home from school age 4, having had three marriage proposals and worried about how she was going to choose who to marry.

  2. Hahaha – I could have written half of your post myself – ‘2 helpful toddlers’ and a ‘marriage proposal’ have also been part of my week, by sadly my 2.5 year old son didn’t want to marry me, but his 4 year old sister! I’ve seen the pin for these garlands too, but not attempted it – nice to know they can be made at home to look as lovely as the original – well done & happy valentine’s! Simmi x

    1. Thanks Simmi! I saw a nice paper version kiddies can do too as small, curious fingers and the sewing machine are a no no here.
      This evening as the little fella stood in the hall naked – except for a hat which I quote ‘was keeping him warm’ I reckoned I’ve definitely peaked in the proposal stakes!! X

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