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As if to coincide with my actual countdown towards delivery I’m at that stage of my third trimester where I’m having the most obvious sign of late pregnancy: worried looking men.  

Forget invisible feet, leaky boobs, a squirming belly and a bit of heartburn, I reckon that sweaty and uncomfortable looking men looking nervously at my belly are surely the most reliable symptom that the end is nigh. I had a few work meetings last week and spent most of the introductions assuring male colleagues that I would happy to leave the room knowing them no better than when we started! 

But I digress and am now about to forget the most important part of this post: some baby talking and a little festival* giveaway.

*Immediate health-warning for anyone expecting a porta-loo and a queue for the falafel stand. This isn’t one of ‘those’ festivals – it’s more about baby-raising than baby-making. There’s some sleeping around but really it’s bed hopping with different motivation – namely three hours of consecutive slumber. You know what I mean.

It’s the Babytalk Festival and it’s on in my old stomping ground of UCD on the 22nd and 23rd of February with all sorts of information, talk and displays on the slippery task of raising these monkeys into happy,well and confident little people.More to the point, there’s food, entertainment for the kids and you won’t be asked to help with the clean-up afterwards.  I have been given four free passes for the festival – so just enter below or comment on the Facebook link and I’ll circulate notice to winners by February There’s plenty of information on www.babytalkfestival.ie – and for those who aren’t lucky enough to win tickets tickets and all the information you could need are available on the website.

I’ve written before about how hard I think we – particularly new Mum’s, are on themselves about the need to learn new skills super-fast after the arrival of a new baby.  In the most emotionally and physically intense situation possible we think that tricky skills – such as breastfeeding, should take mere minutes to master and often abandon our attempts within hours thinking ‘its not for us’.  I’ve found the mix of  ‘on the job’ training and reading up is the best combo in getting ready for a arrival and events like this help Mamas and Dadas to have at least some insight into the joys and perils of the new job.If you know what to expect, at least you’ve a vague understanding of the likely highs and lows.

So if you’re a newbie or expectant parent, hop along. And if – like me, you fancy an afternoon out of the house in a place that actually welcomes toddlers, then enter the competition below or head over to www.babytalkfestival.ie to find out more.

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P.S. I was give four free passes for the Festival in return for my posting notice of this event – which I have made available here for any interested readers.  Opinions as stated are my own.

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