8th March 2013 Helen 0Comment

Well a happy International Women’s Day to you all!

I could quickly counter any suggestion of ‘What about men?’ by wryily pointing out that we have 364 other days where the boys have it pretty good, but let’s move swiftly on to what, for me, this is all about.

From a fairly cosy seat on the first world bus it’s pretty easy to forget the point of marking days like today.  My daughter and I are ‘lucky’ to live in a Country where we have it pretty good. Pretty good but not good enough.  I pine for better.  Better choice, better rights, and simply better equality.

Fairness.  It’s a simple concept but seemingly such a hard thing to achieve.

I hope for better in my lifetime. But I’m not naive enough to believe it comes without a struggle.

Join in.  Join the The National Women’s Council of Ireland and spend more than one day a year celebrating the amazingness of women.

‘Cos we areally are quite something you know!

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