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10 Signs I'm ready for Christmas1. A chocolate from the Advent calendar EVERY morning. Enough said.

2. My December housekeeping strategy has relied on putting everything off til ‘The Big Christmas Clean’. I mean why dust skirting boards in mid December when you’re only going to have to do them again before Christmas???  I now live in a dusty, cess pit. It’s Christmas Eve. I’m reaping what I have sewn – or not sewn, as the case may be.

3. I’ve been doing some ‘endurance training’ and now, for the first time in years, I stand a really good chance of consuming my recommended maximum units of alcohol this week. I feel strong. I feel ready. Bring. It.On.

4. The annual treat box of Coco Pops bought for Christmas morning breakfast has been eaten. I *may* have played a bigger roll in that that either of the kids.

5. I’ve two presentable festive outfits ready to roll. Both can withstand sticky hands, cooking, playing on the floor and the grappling hands of breast-seeking baby. Though not a fashion blogger I am pretty sure they are best described as: ‘Outfit A, yoga trousers and a hoodie’ and ‘Outfit B, a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt’. At this point both fit me. I cannot speak to what the New Year will bring.

6. Expectations of Santa’s gifts started small and stayed fairly modest for most of December. Today I was asked if he could bring a monkey. This needs to end.

7. The recycling bin is full. Already.

8. Having an extra adult, aka Daddy, on hand for the last four days has convinced me that I don’t want that fourth baby. There are 10 more days of this.

9. The tree is looking exactly like you’d expect a 20-euro-fake-Argos-tree decorated by two very eager children to look. It is saggy and wilting. This is the nearest it has ever looked to a real tree – namely close to death.

10. All Santa and coal related threats are wearing thin. I have no real means to control those children. I thought I’d get to New Year before this happened.  It’s only a matter of time before they realise.

So. Come on then Christmas, let’s be having you.


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3 thoughts on “Are we there yet? 10 signs we’re ready for Christmas

  1. I agree with all of this, except that I’m a bit horrified that you regularly dust your skirting boards. I notice mine about twice a year. Today is not going to be that day.
    Maud recently posted…Odds and endsMy Profile

    1. This is the disadvantage of small children Maud. You’ve plenty of time lying on the floor to notice the dirt but bugger all time to do anything about it

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